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Your experience of doing business with the Dutch (The Hague)


I'm looking for international employee's who like to share their experience with me.

Are you working for an international company who just moved/ relocate to/ in the Netherlands? (The company has to be new in The Netherlands.)

I like to ask you questions about your companies first impression/ your first experience with The Netherlands, the information been given to have a great start. And the most important how hospitable have you been welcomed, from the first day untill now.
What are the strenghs and weakness?

Above written is just a little part of my curiosity to your experience. I would like to use these answers for my own business. I would like to use your experience as a prove to Dutch companies working in the Internartional seen.

My meaning;
It is really important to let your guests feel welcome and important; Not only having a good organised business program but aswell a good hospitality program from A - Z - focus on the different backgrounds/ cultures and languages.

I really hope somebody could help me, investigating the differences in feeling welcome..the Dutch way and the international way.

Kind regards,


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