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Working in The Hague?

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The Hague at a Glance

Working in The Hague

As an expat working in The Hague, you’ll benefit from the opportunities it offers. Since its transformation into the city of peace and justice in the 20th century, The Hague has been home to many expats. We’ll give you an insight into working in The Hague, with info on permits, job hunting, and more!

Working in The Hague is all about international and European institutions, which contribute significantly to the region’s economy. Many foreigners in The Hague are employed by one of the 131 international organizations or at one of the over 107 consulates and embassies.

But even if you did not get your PhD in politics or law, your chances of working in The Hague are still quite high. Qualified employees are welcome in all kinds of professional fields.

Securing Your Work Permit

Before you can start working in The Hague, you have to secure a work permit. Your employer has to apply for your permit at the UWV Werkbedrijf. If you haven’t found a job yet and want to try the shoot-first-ask-later method, you can also apply for a work permit after your arrival. This may unfortunately take quite a while.

There are exemptions to this rule, of course. You do not need a work permit if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA member state. The same is true if you have a stamp in your passport stating “Arbeid vrij toegestaan, TWV niet vereist” (“Free to work, no work permit needed”).  As visa matters can be quite complicated, you should consult the IND’s Residence Wizard. For more information on visa matters and working in The Hague, please refer to our article on moving to The Hague and contact your nearest Dutch consulate or embassy.

Business Sectors

There are different business sectors which offer opportunities for working in The Hague to expats and locals alike.

International Organizations

Aside from the different sectors and fields mentioned above, there are many employment opportunities with international organizations for non-Dutch nationals interested in working in The Hague. The various international organizations in and around The Hague are the most important employment engines for the region.

The number of jobs generated by international organizations or as a result of the growing international community has been increasing in recent years, providing more and more jobs for expats and Dutch people alike. Major international organizations in The Hague are:


We do our best to keep this article up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. 

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