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Learning Greek - share experiences! (Thessaloniki)

Hi all,

I live in Greece on and off for almost 2 years now and I just started a couple of months ago to learn Greek properly by taking private lessons twice a week.

I speak a few languages and Greek doesn't seem to be that difficult once you get over the alphabet, the problem is more that I don't have the habit to learn "the school way" anymore and find it very frustrating at times.

I wanted to ask for your experiences and recommendations on the following:
- can you recommend a Greek TV or movies or tv shows that I can watch in Greek online ?
- can you recommend some books that may be good for beginners (not textbooks just regular books to read but with simple vocabulary - maybe specially for foreigners or even for children?)
- any tricks or life hacks for fast & efficient learning

I will share with you one of my trick for building up vocabulary from my student years:
I was writing hundreds of words on small pieces of paper (one language on one side and another language on the other) and I was putting them in my pocket. Every time I'm out - walking traveling, waiting for the bus etc. I was taking the words one by one from the pocket - looking at one side and if I could tell what is on the other side it means that I know the word, so it is going in the other pocket. If I don't know it - I put it back in the same pocket and go on this way until all the words move to the other pocket. It is very efficient, but now that I'm driving it is not useful for me anymore.

If you know any similar tricks or any other advice you may give based on your experience, please share!


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