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it can happened to anyone (Tianjin)

Hello expatriate comiunity members, my name is Guillermo Morales, I would like to share my expierens and problems, I said problems because one mistake has bring me a lot of problems, we make a bick mistake, my wife before we got married, was running a way of her house and family, her family found her an try to take her back by force, she could manage to get out of theirs hands.
When she came back to our apartment, she was very scare, about what happened in her uncle car, her mom, aunt and uncle did something that she was very scare about her family.
She started searching the internet, when she founded it she told me, ( I way to get a fake if), I ask her is that possible here in China, she said it I'd obviously, I found some people said they can get it, paying a lot of money, several months pass and she got pregnant, also she got her new ID and a family book,.
We could not imagen what consequences will bring and problems.
She start using it, no problems, it was issue by the police in a small town. The baby bornd and we use the fake I'd and give her the second last name as a Chinese. Big big problems now, on July first I try to flight back to Canada with her, ( by the way she got her citizenship and passport from Canada.) When we try to get into the airplane we have to pass the immigration point , they stop us because my daughter passport need and exit per!it from China, that happened in Shanghai airport, the officer said no problem you has to go to the exit and entry office and they will provide it, big lie... The officer there no can do, she is Chinese you have to provide I'd and family book, I could not provide those documents they were took away when we try to get my wife passport two years before, by the way by now my daughter is five years old. OK after Shanghai I went to my embassy in Beijing, the gave me a statement I was the gurdian of my daughter, we translated and certificate , we went againg to the exit and entry office in Beijing,, same thing no help plus Canadian papers here are nothing. To makit short we went to a different cities and towns we gto stamen anfot fine Ford 500RMB, next one Protected content but not help, they said first fixt the marriage we try that four year ago, we could not government office do not accept lawyers papers, today my wife and mother in law went to see one lawyer in her home tow, they spend long time at the end the lawyer right now we cannot fine anything that could help in your case, you have to go to Beijing there they may help but you have to prepare a lot of cash, at least 20,000RMB. Going from one side and another train, taxi hotel my whole safe none is gone, I ask you guys are you willing to help me, maybe some one is in a similar situation, guys I beg you to help me to fix my baby problem and take her back to Canada, the see her as a black Chinese, she has no right in China, cannot ride a train bus or a flight, also cannot go to school, her future in China is dark , please guys help me. My email is Protected content , I am not trying to trick you I am a Father that love her daughter and want a better future. Thanks to all of you.

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