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Newcomer (Tianjin)

Hello fellow people.
I couldn't find much time to browse the forum lately, having a lot to do for work.
I have moved in here in end August and it seems to me it was yesterday !
I love it here, even though I don't have that much time to enjoy it fully.
I'm a french teacher, I work and live at the civil aviation university of China, about 30 minutes away from the city by bus.
My neighbours are also my coworkers, we are a few french expatriates here. But it sure would be awesome to broaden our circle of friends some more.
I like badminton and volleyball, although I'm a (bad) beginer in both. I also started roller.
I'm a big fan of SF/Fantasy movies and am well equiped to watch them. I also am a PC videogame player. Lastly, I like cooking, but I can hardly find the food I'm used to cook here.

See you around ! :D

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