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Basketball & Medical Massage (Tirana)

Hello everyone!

I am new to the community - not as new anymore to Tirana (living here since 5 months), but as I still struggle to get some information, I thought I could address this to you all!

Thanks a lot in advance for any recommendations & info!

I used to play Basketball in a women team (in a club) for more than 10 years. I did not play anymore regularly in the last two years due to a little injury first and than no time besides studies, but I miss it a lot and would love to at least practice again! Does anyone have connections to a women team that practices in Tirana? (I don't speak Albanian well enough, but sport is universal, so it should work if the coach understands and speaks at least a little English)

And I also used to go regularly to medical massage for my neck/shoulder/back tensions and they got stronger now that I did not go in all this time. Is there any good place for such massage?

Many thanks again!

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