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comıng from ıstanbul - need guıdeness (Tirana)

dear Tırana cummunity members,
I and my friend planing east Europe tour this Nov! so exciting!! :)
we will be in Tirana on 15/11 for a day trip however Tırane is quite large city with a lot of attactions so we really need help to see around without loosing time and not missing anythıng out..
sounds difficult - isnt it? :):) I know we are tryınng the harderst so pls help us to achieve it :)
we are not after all historical places but must seen places , important mile stones in the histroy - that we definetly want to visit!

what local transport system make us quick travel within the city?
would you suggest rent a car ? ıs ıt expensive?
any near cities we can also visit with local transport ? etc etc

As you can see any tips will be appreciated!

thanks to everyone who will share comments& ideas ..
eda from IN/Istanbul community

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