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Education Alternative Energy/ Construction Albania (Tirana)

I have a large piece of land (with main road frontage-New Rd) In Albania...

I am an Alternative Energies and construction advicre in the UK...Based at this time in London City...

After many years of thinking to do this...I am now really starting to look at the situation of creating an Environmental Alternative Energies and Construction...Training / Education Centre, On this land.
I am looking for some people that might be able to offer ...An view on my idea...good or bad...I like to hear from critics too?...As this will help with my business S.W.O.T.?
Of course should anyone be interested in making contact with me or even going into business with me...I am very interested in what you have to say on the subject.
I was planning on offering training to fit alternative energy / Ground / wind source energies also construction to include green roofs / straw bail building / Cob building and other alternative forms of construction.
Plus alternative forms of human waste...such as compost toilets and heating or cooking in the home using the compost gas's? Making homes independent of the state supplied heating and electric... As I already have the land and good contacts to create / build the foundations of this project...I believe it could be up and running in quite a short period of time?... I would plan to have open days to the public and visitors from the education departments ...As I would be offering the chance for Schools to bring children along for the day...later maybe a week-end event based around Alternatives... I would be very grateful of any comments / advice / contacts in the subject or people that are interested in what I would like to achieve?
Thank You for reading this far...Yours Patricia Dee

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