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Kids, Jobs, Family, Car, Etc (Tirana)

I would like to move to Albania for a year or so to see family and get a handle on the language so when we skype, we can actually understand each other and everyone will have a chance to meet in person. It is sad that children have been born but never met close family. I have three children in primary school. One is special needs and requires a one-on-one through out the day. Our family lives near Shkoder, but I am only finding international schools in Tirana. Are there others? Are there special needs here yet? I know they are opening therapy centers but you don't find much on this area. Also, I know it use to take several hours to drive from Tirana to Shkoder. Is that still the case? I am trying to be close to family but within reasonable distance to the schools we will also need. Any recommendations on schools?

With cars, how do I go about purchasing one? Being here for a year, I think that would be best as I do not want to ask to borrow a family members car for this long at this distance, unless another expat is leaving and willing to donate? My friends in Japan have an expat community that gives cars as families leave to new ones arriving so new arrivals have a chance of a car without the expense. On going circle. :-)

I want a house to rent with land around it close to the children's school(s) and swimming. Be able to have animals. Are there locations I should avoid that are not safe for a mother and children? Places that are very safe and secure? Father will not be coming.

Is it possible to get a job for when children are at school? Ideas or suggestions? I will come with enough to cover expenses for a year, but would like to be able to do something as well in the community.

Thank you!

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