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SkaNdal documentary for charity (Tirana)

Hi Guys,
If you are around in Tirana, please come and watch “SkaNdal”, the first ever long documentary about the LGBT movement in Albania (with English subtitles), screened for the first time to the wide public at Millenium Cinema during September Protected content , Protected content 19:00 and Saturday, September 26, Protected content 17:00.

The money collected through screening of documentary will go to Streha, the first residential shelter for at risk LGBT youth in Albania who are homeless and excluded due to their sexual orientation.

LGBT community members appear for the first time with their non-hidden faces and names and they share their personal stories and how the LGBT movement has changed their lives.

“SkaNdal” documentary under direction of Elton Baxhaku and Eriona Cami with the script from Xheni Karaj and Kristi Pinderi has been awarded the first prize in the Balkan Film Festival and Culinary "B3F" and has participated in two international film festivals, DokuFest in Prizren and the International Film Festival in Sarajevo.

63 minutes of documentary describe the entire five years actions to establish a movement that is changing a country. How young activists discovered an entire movement only through parties, genuine socializing moments and courageous underground actions like writing to each other in social platforms; the initial ideas, fears, and first actions from painting the benches with rainbow colors to further development of bigger events.

SkaNdal documentary shows how these colors and these actions transformed people who were involved into and those close to them: how colors can change people. It shows how the activists managed not only to go into the national media but to empower an entire society through the media, and to win that very important battle with the 21st century’s media and communications tools.

Alliance against LGBT Discrimination and ProLGBT are pleased to invite you to join the charity cause and watch the "SkaNdal" documentary to understand how a group of young men and young women, built a movement that is changing an entire country mindset in a cycle of five years.
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