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Work (Tirana)

Hello everyone ,,

In my opinion , the best job is when you work for yourself!
When you have
your own activities, you are fully determined and motivated
by eagerness to succeed and achieve in life
the things you looking for!

We are company based in Elbasan!
Coffee roaster !
I can't write so much about it, but will manage
to explain in couple of sentences!

The people , who knows any good coffee bar, coffee shop
or office and can put our coffee into these places , will get the percentage
from each kilogram sold !
For example, one coffee bar sells Protected content a day,
30 days =aprox 90kg
Aprox 1 euro of your percentage= 90 euros per month from one coffee bar!
If you promoted it for 5 coffee bars and more , you will earn
500€ and more !

Guys, don't hesitate and let's keep in touch!
As I am always saying, on your own you won't achieve anything.
There is always needed other person to support you, to give
a hand for each other!

Long time friendship will bring us new ideas and new opportunities
we all looking for!

Nothing to thing much, just act

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