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Working in Tirana

Albania's belated embracing of free market economics has led to an explosion in opportunities for work in Tirana. Many industries are expanding quickly as a result of the increasingly large amount of foreign investment being made in the country. Read on for more info on working in Albania’s capital.

Local Economy

Tirana is the heart of the Albanian economy as the country's capital city, and it is also home to the financial and industrial centers of the nation.

Agriculture remains one of the most important industries in Albania, but the pharmaceuticals sector is becoming increasingly influential, with the production of textiles and metal products also contributing heavily to the growth of the local economy, along with the services sector.

Job Hunting in Tirana

Teaching English as a foreign language is one of the most common jobs for expats moving to Tirana, but the improving economy means there are now opportunities in many sectors.

Websites such as Go Abroad can be useful for expats-to-be trying to find work in Tirana, particularly as teachers, while CareerJet and Dua Pune are also good options to explore for a wider range of jobs.

Tirana daily newspapers include Shqip, Zëri i Popullit, Shekulli, Gazeta Shqiptare and Koha Jonë and expats may be able to find job opportunities advertised in the publications as well.

Work Permits in Tirana

Work permits for Albania are issued by the national Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. Expats will usually get help from their employer to receive a work permit, but they typically need you to have a visa before they can do so.

The typically necessary documentation for a work permit includes:

  • a letter from the expat's employer,
  • a certified, translated copy of the employment contract,
  • a copy of the expat's passport,
  • five photographs, and
  • a special power of attorney for the company engaged in providing such service.

A small fee is also payable for work permit applications in Tirana.

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