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Architect / CAD guru looking for Work (Tokyo)

I am an architectural designer and ArchiCAD guru from New Zealand. I have over 20 years experience, operating my own business in the architectural / building industry, many of them using the latest CAD software to create outstanding buildings.

I relocated here recently with my wife who has a teaching job.

I am looking for any work in the architectural area, whether it be full time, part time, casual or contract. I have just spent the last 4 months working in Finland for an architectural company in Helsinki, where I worked on some large multi level projects.

If you have anything you want done, I would be happy to meet you and discuss how I could add value to your team.

I have also had 12 years experience in that time operating a pre-school with my wife so have plenty of management experience as well.

While it would be good to get a top level job I am open to offers at all levels of the industry as I see this as an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques as well.


Tony Fitzpatrick

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