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Assitance with Things often over looked (Tokyo)

Hello Internations Tokyo,

My name is Paul and I am currently an honors mechanical engineering major who will be interning in Tokyo next year. (I know im mechanical an tokyo is moreIT, but I need to learn to how program so I chose to intern in Tokyo)

I chose Tokyo because I want to be an international engineer and I have alsready studied abroad in Hong Kong so I chose to go to another Asian Metropolitan I have gone abroad before; however that was to study abroad in Hong Kong. The cost of the trip was much more different and that exchange rate has been set and kept the same for quite some time.

I was wondering if you can give me some financial advice? I will be in a shared housing complex do the cost of the stay will be about ¥60,000 per month on my apart (about $450 dollars). I have been told that the main cost in Japan is the cost of finding a place to stay; however, the food, transportation, and entertainment is quite cheap compared to most (it seems very similar to Hong Kong)

I am bringing about $ Protected content $ Protected content ¥375k to ¥500k). After the cost fo the stay I will still have a lot of money left and I will us airbnb if I travel to different cities.
I will also have taken about a 1.4 years of Japanese before going so language will not be a problem.

--Are their any surprise costs I should know about?
---My cost of stay is not too high at all and I will eat out quite a bit. How much is a good amount to eat great food?
---How much do trains to other cities cost (Kyoto, Nagoya (my GF), Osaka, etc)?
---What is the one main thing I should do to avoid over spending?

Thank you for helping

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