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How to pay via bank transfer in Japan (Tokyo)

Hello All,

We're new in Tokyo and spent the last few weeks setting everything up including bank accounts, etc. One thing that is still surprisingly difficult is paying for things direct from my bank (currently with Citibank but seriously considering changing!).

I have been asked several times for a bank transfer to pay for things but this is incredibly difficult to setup. The ATM's in banks and post offices only seem to accept Katakana details and I can only do it in English. I can't do it online with Citibank for the same reason and Citibank even refuse to do this over telephone banking. I can't travel to a Citibank branch every time I want to pay someone!!

Am I missing somthing here or is this just one of those things that is not easy here? Can anyone give me advice on how to do this any easier please?



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