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If you know anyone interested or do act... (Tokyo)

Casting call for a micro budget indie in Kansai region in Mid-Late June.

The film is about people with feelings of alienation, assimilation, and even exploitation... and how they come to terms with it. Through the journey they find a sense of belongingness and even achieve self-discovery, but where do they go from there. While it takes place in Japan, the story is relevant to anyone who makes a living outside of where they originate, or even within their origin if one has feel unjust in their own home.

Young but experienced industry professionals from NY trying to make a movie in Japan.

Shot on locations in Osaka/Kyoto/Hiroshima.

Prep Late May-early June, Shoot Mid June for 3 weeks.

1. Female(Caucasian, early 20s- mid 40s look, ability to perform in multiple accents)

2. Male (Caucasian, early- late 20s look, with Southern accent. Tall and well built)

3. Male ( age open, taller, think of James Franco in Spring Breakers)

4. Female (Asian, native Japanese speaker with English fluency. Helpful if tough on the edges or can pull that off)

5. Female (Caucasian or Latino, English with non-native accent).

6. Boy (someone who can pass Protected content , preferably biracial but can be Japanese, with or without English proficiency).

Experience and those who are professional trained preferred but anyone with talent and passion are welcome to apply.
But, if inexperienced, most likely not qualified to memorize 80 pages script, greater improvisational skill, etc.

This is a skeleton crew no budget production. Anyone who expects usual accommodation from scale production may not want this, but anyone who enjoy challenges and method acting might.

Also looking for Fixer/PA (with working knowledge in Kansai).We honor passion and energy over resume and experience.

PM me with resume/headshot if interested to know more. We will send you a script accordingly.

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