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Interest in learning Reiki? (Tokyo)

Hello Everyone,

To tell a little bit about myself, I have been an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master for over 2 years, and practice incorporating Reiki into my daily life. I believe as a teacher and practitioner it is important to practice what you preach! I cannot imagine a day in my life going by without using Reiki to help center myself, send focused energy towards ambitions, and to increase my health and well-being.

Reik(靈氣、霊氣/universal energy)i is an energy healing and meditative modality for developing inner and outer healing that you can give to yourself and others. You can only learn and thus practice Reik, upon receiving attunementsi from a Reiki Master. While Reiki has it's origins in Japan, from Usui-sensei, it is not as accessible to many inside of Japan, as it is now in other nations.

Reiki levels would be taught in weekend-long courses, with a combined level 1 &2, then level 3 (Advanced Reiki Training), and the Master course-which enables you to be a Reiki teacher yourself!
You should be an Usui Reiki Master before taking the Karuna Reiki Master course as well.

Since beginning my own business, I keep having the recurring idea to offer Reiki courses in (Tokyo?) Japan. So if there is enough interest, I would love to make this happen! Classes would be taught in English, but I have advanced Japan ability, so if clarification in Japanese is required, I would be glad to provide this for students.

Please respond here, or contact me directly if you're interested in learning more, or about getting a class together!

Much love and light,


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