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Introduction (Tokyo)

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd introduce myself.
My name is Louise, I am from the UK and will be moving to Tokyo in at the beginning of August and will be employed as amaths teacher (no teaching English for me!) For at least two years (they may not be able to get rid of me!!)
I have no idea whereabouts in Tokyo I will be living as i haven't sent off for that information just yet.
I'm so excited and I'm trying to get as much organised now as is possible!
When moving over there I am hoping to start a yoga/pilates class as that is something I've recently started over here and absolutely love..

When moving over to Japan how many suitcases/boxes /how much luggage did people take?

The only problem is money... I'm scared that I woll not be putting enough aside.
If people wouldn't mind, would you mind either replying to this or direct messaging me to let me know a rough average breakdown of their utility bills (gas electric water and phone)?

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