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Moving in! Tips about setting up home in Tokyo?

Hello everybody,

I'm excited about moving with my hubby to the Tokyo metropolis in just a couple of weeks! (Probably to the west of Tokyo/ Fussa area.)
Are there any Japan/ Tokyo specific tips, tricks or rules you can think of that I might have to observe when relocating to this area? With my last intercontinental move (Germany - US) I noticed there were a lot of small things that were just different that I wouldn't even have thought of asking about - and that was between two supposedly very similar Western cultures ;)

I heard at least in the south tattoos are still very stigmatized, and some gaijin wear long sleeves year round to not freak out their neighbors. Being a tattoo artist, nothing short of a burka would cover up my ink ;) Is the Tokyo area a lot more tolerant about tattoos or should I be in hiding whenever a meeting with a potential landlord is scheduled?

What about food safety? Is anybody concerned about relabeled produce from the Fukushima prefecture? Is this a no-no question in Japan?

Thank you for your tips ! I'm glad to have found this community and I'm looking forward to making many new experiences and friends in the coming three years!

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