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Non Profit Research Project seeks volunteers (Tokyo)


This is volunteering, but I thought it fits best in JOBS. Apologies if not.

In short:

We are Non Profit Organization Internship Japan (非営利型一般社団法人 Global Internship Association.) - Japan has no system of internships yet, we are the organization introducing it to the country. If there is no system, there are also no clear rules. So we want to set the rules by this research project, diving into all the gray areas concerning the topic. More about our mission at our website, link below.

This is global, since young people from all over the world want to intern in Japan and Japanese people also want to intern in any country. The rules and laws depend on the country and it's relations with Japan. Global Internship Association will be the globally operating body in the future, sending interns from anywhere to anywhere else, safely, structured and valuable.

The project:

A guidebook for companies on how to legally and ethically have interns in Japan. The gray areas must be dissolved. By knowing the laws, visa-rules as well as the practice of (mostly foreign) entities already taking interns, we will show the best practice in each case. Entities are invited to share their experience with us.

This means research in the following areas:

-Internships all over the globe
-The structure of an internship
-The management of an internship
-The meaning of an internship
-Japanese labor law and different types of entities
-Japanese immigration-related matters
-Japanese company-intern matters, hiring, job-changing
-Gray areas
-Insurance, payment, exploitation and the prohibition of it
This research must answer many questions the companies ask us for practical use. Once all is clear, many more companies will take interns and that is the goal, since there are many more internship-seekers than companies taking them.

We need at least one academic supervisor, helping us with the expose and structure of the work! Who will that be?
So we need volunteers for the moment! That means we will not pay you for your work on this, as we are not paid. We need your name, we need your skills, we need your network, we need your power. If you are a university professor, a student, research fellow, if you already have results we could use etc. - please contact us. This work is necessary and will change many things to the better. So if you want to be part of this, let us know. This is for the youth and international youth is the future!

Best regards,

Verena Hopp - Founder of Internship Japan.

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