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Speed Networking make quality biz contacts in 2hrs (Tokyo)


I hope everyone is having a great time here in Tokyo , but without any business contacts sometimes it may be difficult to move forward in Business , whether you're looking for a new Job or just want to meet and get some connections outside of your regular group .

We are having our speed networking event on FEB 21 in Tokyo from 7:00 PM TO 9:00 pm

on the activity site NOTE: **** If you wish to attend please, RSVP on the activity site.

Believe it or not, speed-networking is just what it sounds like – quick, focused opportunities to meet those who can propel your career and business.

And, YES, it does really work!

We all desire to accelerate our careers and get on the fast track to success, with speed-networking, you can accelerate your networking. You can meet more quality contacts and actually have meaningful conversations in just one event than any other method!

First, Without a doubt you will meet more people in a short timeframe than ever before.

Second,All those who participate are like you in that they have invested their time and energy to build their network.

Third, Listen and Listen. There is no time for selling, simply have a conversation and learn about what each new connection as both an individual and professional – ie, who they are, what they do.

Fourth and most important – Follow Up is the key. Speed-networking delivers high volume and quality connections, but you must follow up and begin to cultivate the relationships.

The initial interaction is only the starting point for each of your new potential relationships.

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