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The Roppongi Serious Investor Club (Tokyo)

Hi guys - I just went to the Osaka meet-up last night, and it was great. I am moving to Tokyo this week and looking forward to the Tokyo meet-up.

I am planning on starting a group for serious investors, which I decided to call The Roppongi Serious Investor Club.

I used to be an analyst at an investment bank in London, and I just miss the intellectual cut-and-thrust when analysing industries and looking at the value of a given name.

The Club is for people who know their way around a balance sheet to put their top ideas up to the test, as well as to discuss valuations, and macro issues, such as money supply, trade, credit, etc.

If you find yourself occasionally looking at an income statement/ listening to an IR presentation/ looking at oil production numbers and feeling a little bit excited, then you are the kind of person we need.

Every weekend we meet in Roppongi and the meeting goes like this:

1. Follow-up on the discussion and positions last week.

2. Presentation (by the person who volunteered last time)

3. Q&A

4. Free discussion

5. The group will agree on the top idea of the week and record it. We will keep track of these (as much as possible) and compare our collective track record against expectations.

Planned time is 1 hour - time is money - and it is over coffee in the morning.

The main presentation can be on any opportunity, and can be short, but it has to make sense based on fundamentals (e.g. the quality of a given cash flow statement, the amount of copper at the LME, the anticipated growth in wireless internet subscribers), and must be actionable.

Everyone has something they know about well - for example, if you work at an advertising company, or a cement manufacturer, then you can explain that industry. If you don't know your own industry - get online and research it! Use something like google finance to look at the financial statements. Which company has the best margins, which is growing fastest, what are the factors that will decide the winner - scale? innovation? customer relationships? How is the industry changing? What is the competitive landscape like? Are there any speed bumps on the horizon? What are the valuations of the main players, and are there any apparent anomalies? What does investor sentiment and other contrarian indicators tell you?

Options and futures traders are welcome, but those who ignore fundamentals (if you spend all day looking at charts without knowing what the company does, then that means you) are discouraged.

I will give the main presentations for the first few times, unless someone else steps up, which I plan to do on the oil market, gold juniors, and a few Japanese small caps.

The group's official language is English, but help can be given in Chinese and Japanese.

If you would like to join the Club, but you feel that you do not have enough experience/ knowledge in investments, please contact me, and I can arrange a teach-in if we get some people together.

Email me and let me know what you think, or to reserve your place.


Jan Pstrokonski
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