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★★★ Tokyo on a Budget ★★★

Tokyo is chic, modern, and vibrant. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. This is a city with one of the (if not the most) expensive meals in the world as well as the most pricey hotel rooms. While you can live in the lap of luxury and splurge on 35,000 Yen Kobe beef meals, not everyone has the means to spend on an extravagant lifestyle. If you are interested in touring around Tokyo on a budget, then this is the article for you. Use this guide to make sure that you spend the most on your plane ticket, not on your trip.

Tokyo at a Glance
Domestic Population: 37.2 Million People

Language: Japanese

Currency: Yen

Trivia: One of Tokyo’s most haunted areas is the Komine Tunnel. Look out for a girl in a red dress and be careful about traffic accidents.

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