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Useful information for those new in Tokyo

I just feel like being helpful since I don't have time to do this myself most of the time but other people do. Please feel free to use this info if you are new in Tokyo It includes details on :


And some may be interesting for long-term expats as well.

If anyone is interested specifically in the best TEA / Italian food / Thai food / Middle Eastern food in Tokyo, I've tried basically almost all the good restaurants/venues in those categories so I am more than happy to assist!


Really excellent site

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Another excellent site:
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1. FREE guide services! These people can guide you around Tokyo free of charge if you contact beforehand FIVE different places to get information, I strongly recommend you
contact them :)

* Protected content

* Protected content
If you would like to have a tour with our volunteer
guide, please contact us at Protected content
email : Protected content

Name: Tokyo Metropolitan Area S.G.G Club Guide Area: Sensoji Temple
area, Ueno Park area and Tokyo vicinities Our activities include the
preset guided tours as follows:
a)One-hour walking tour of "Asakusa Kannon Temple and its neighborhood.
The tour departs twice every Sunday at 11:00am and 2:00pm. Visit us at
Asakusa Cultural & Sightseeing Center, located just across the street
from the Kaminarimon Gate of the temple.
b)Approx. 90-minute walking tour of "Ueno Park" on every
Sunday,Wednesday and Friday.
The tour departs twice a day at 10:30am and 1:30pm. Visit us at the
Tourist Information Desk in the Ueno Park Green Salon.
URL: Protected content

Name: Tokyo International Student Guide
Guide Area: Tokyo
We can take you around at your request.
Apply at least two weeks in advance to Mr. Takahashi by fax
( Protected content ) or e-mail ( Protected content ).

Name: Shinagawa SGG Club
Guide Area: Tokyo
We can accommodate personal requests for shopping or sight seeing.
Volunteer hours will be basically 3hours between 10:00am and 5:00pm.
Apply at least two weeks in advance to our office by fax
( Protected content ) or e-mail ( Protected content )
URL: Protected content

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Most important shrine in Japan - definitely worth visiting MEIJI
SHRINE Protected content

------------------------------ Protected content

Excellent museum for history of "old Tokyo", note it is closed on
Mondays, like most museums:
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------------------------------ Protected content

Cool NINJA theme restaurant, where all staff dress up as Ninjas:
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List of things which expats may like:
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------------------------------ Protected content

Best electronics shop in AKIHABARA:
Protected content
Duty free stuff, the latest stuff!

------------------------------ Protected content

Very nice onsen, even one where you can go in wearing a swimsuit if
you want a fusion experience. Recommended:
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------------------------------ Protected content

Best afternoon tea in Tokyo
Protected content

------------------------------ Protected content

Best tea shop in Tokyo Protected content - the best and I love this shop)
great cakes, great tea Protected content
(near Ginza subway station, A1 exit, walk out, go forward and turn
left along SUZARAN STREET, about Protected content down on the right side)

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