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Visiting Japan for the holidays (Tokyo)


Hi there its Rio here!

Im planning visit Japan this June and i do have a lot of questions in mind, ill be more than happy if anyone can help sort these things out. a bit of tip or a good link will make my day! Cheers!

here's my queries"

For starters, it's my first time to travel to Japan. Im a big fan of japanese culture and tradition and i have been planning for years now and never had a chance, and this year im gonna give a try.

* I'm planning to visit around June this year, is it the best time?
* what events and holidays should i go to? and which places?
* best way to maximize and enjoy my trip in japan?

Im really excited for my Japan trip, its gonna be one of my 3 holiday destination this year, and i hope i can meet member and attend events from internations japan!



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