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Warning - Scammer (Engr Berend Emmerich) (Tokyo)

Dear community,

Please keep away from this profile; Engr Berend Emmerich. The scammer sent me a looong message inbox introducing himself to me; people usually do so here connecting to strangers but there was something fishy and I decided to investigate the message line by line but I didn't have to go a long way before making conclusions. Below are my findings:
1. I am an old member on IN
Reality - his profile shows that he joined in may Protected content
2. I work for ICON 45 in Germany
Reality - There is no such company in Germany or else where but there is a company called ICON Aircraft and one of its products is ICON 45
3. I am 47 years old.
Reality - (Am not sure but the same person with the same profile on Skype, showed 50 years old).
4. I live in Germany but currently travelling to Turkey on a cruise from Maldives where i have been on vacation
Reality - Message showed that it was sent from Calgary. Profile shows that the person lives in the Maldives since 4 years back.

So, please be careful!

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