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3 Success Coaching sessions for an ice cream ... (Toronto)

Are you a Professional, Leader or Entrepreneur who wants to eliminate Overwhelm, get Un-Stuck, and Spike your Productivity and Life/Work Satisfaction?

Is there something you really want to change in your life or work? Something that if you would change, it would make a huge Positive difference for you, and would perhaps impact all areas of your life …?

Do you want to …
Be Confident, Focused, Inspired and/or Motivated?
Have meaningful Connections/Relationships/Communication?
Take your Career to the next level?
Develop and master your Leadership skills?
Be truly Efficient and Productive in your Life, Career or Business?
Clearly define, follow through and Achieve your dreams, purpose and goals?

I am a Leadership and Success Coach and I help successful Professionals, Leaders and Entrepreneurs, who currently find themselves struggling in their Personal Life, Career or Business and want to make a change.

I use Powerful and Reliable Processes, Tools, and Questions to support my clients unlock and use their full potential (including creativity). I help them gain a new perspective, clarity of their purpose and goals, and an action plan to bring success, joy, excitement and fulfillment in their life, career and/or business.

I am currently in the process of acquiring my ICF (International Coaching Federation) credentials, and I am offering 3 Success Coaching sessions for a symbolic price of an ice cream (for the summer and InterNations community only) in order to fulfill my number of hours requirement.

If you are a Professional, Leader, or Entrepreneur and want to eliminate Overwhelm, get Un-Stuck, gain clarity of Purpose, be Productive, Authentic and live a life of Joy, Excitement and Fulfillment, reach out at Protected content and let me know what you would like to work on.

Being here for your success,

Corina L.

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