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A Hail Mary Play (from Poland) (Toronto)



Nothing prepared me better for living in Poland better than living in Montreal. Let me explain. I am English.

Anyway, I would like to return to Canada - which is essentially anywhere west of Ottawa. I know no-one. Not another breathing soul. I do not want to return to a kind of alienation in my own country. Getting close to fifty now I have greater difficulty making new friends. Plus I have my personality which is not to everyone's taste and everyone is not to my taste to be honest. I can be a very honest person but I try to be anicable nonetheless.

I have spent three cycles of my life putting up with various bullshit that others needed to experience (starting with my own cycle of bullshit, to be honest) and so I really do not want to live through that again. I am interested in friendship not becoming a mentor again.

So that gives you a taste of me.
Is there anyone in Toronto that my post resonates with?

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