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American Visitor/Immigration Questions (Toronto)

Hi everyone.

I'm an American that has been staying in Canada a good portion of the last 10 months. I like it here, and my remote work with American clients (I'm a sole proprietor of a web consulting business) affords me the option to stay wherever I want. I'd like to stay in Canada longer, maybe for the next Protected content , making several multi-week trips back to the USA and to Asia for business/pleasure. After that, we'll see how it goes.

I'm a little overwhelmed with my options and the details of the law. Perhaps you guys can offer some advice?

• Anyone know a solid immigration/visitor consultant?
• I'm concerned I may be issued a visitor record on my next few entries, limiting my stay to a short period of time, as opposed to the current 6-month entries I’m enjoying. Is it relatively safe to exit/enter Canada for the immediate future? I've been told Immigration may start to hassle me after Protected content .
• I'm considering applying for an extension of my visitor stay, or some form of temporary resident visa. I'm not sure which ones to go for, particularly since I want to keep doing my consulting and not have to get a lower-paying job with a company.
• If I am issued a visitor record upon re-entry, perhaps limiting my stay to 30 or 60 days, what should I do? My current understanding of the law is that I can apply for an extension of my visitor status, and that while the extension is being processed (typically Protected content I am legally allowed to stay in Canada. Is this a viable plan?

Thanks a million guys!

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