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Building houses in brazil (Toronto)

Well, here it is. The video you have all been waiting for:

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Building Homes for First time Brazilian Home Buyers

A unique situation has emerged in Brazil. For the first time there is an emergence of a middle class in Brazil. Families that have disposable income and want to own their own home, want to buy a car and everything else that the typical middle class family does.

The mortgage industry in Brazil is in its infancy. In Sao Paolo, a Brazilian can now for the first time finance the purchase of his home (at about 35% a year interest)

But there are programs now being instituted by the Brazilian government to allow first time home buyers to have the purchase of their home financed. (this is the sector we are working with)

Two major banks in Brazil are working with this program. The bank will finance the purchase of a first time home buyer up to $80,000 reals ($40,000 U.S.)

So the figures work like this. (As a builder) you can buy a piece of land 10m x 20m (minimum size to build a home) for about $R15, Protected content Reals ($7, Protected content U.S.)

You can build a house for $40,000 Reals ($20,500 U.S.) your total is $R60,000 Reals ($30,000 U.S)

You sell the house to a Brazilian for $R80, Protected content 85,000 Reals ($40,000 U.S -$R 43,000.)

The builder is making $R20, Protected content real profit on each house (about $15,000 U.S.)

There are currently 289,000 applications just in the north east Brazil of families Appling for the financing from these 2 banks. And in Natal (where I am ) there are currently 30,000 APPROVED applications. That means the banks are ready to deposit funds into builders accounts. The problem is there are not to many builders building for this sector. They are all still building for European buyers. They are really missing the boat here, and not looking at the big picture. This is the sector to build for. HUGE PROFIT POTENTIAL.

We are setting up joint ventures with groups of Protected content to start building Protected content at a time.

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved:

Toronto Office: Protected content
Toronto: Protected content 996
U.S. Office (Nevada) Protected content
Rio: Protected content 368
Sao Paulo: Protected content 666
Brazil cell: Protected content
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