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Canadian vs. American Communities (Toronto)


Hey Everyone,

I am an American and lived in the GTA for two months during Protected content a college internship. During that short period of time, I knew my neighbors, my landlord on a personal level, the banker, and the people who worked at the shops nearby. To me, it appeared Canadians have more tight knit communities than we do in the US, and due to that, I have tried to move to Canada since. After 5 years of applying, I just had my first interview and am quite excited about moving. I am writing to get a reality check though as well.

Was my experience just dumb luck to be in a neighborhood where people were more social or is this pretty common? I remember a scene from Fahrenheit 9/11 where Michael Moore goes door-to-door in Canada and people had their doors unlocked, which is pretty unimaginable here in the States, even if they edited heavily and showed just a few doors in Canada he was successful in opening.

I know a Canadian who moved to the US and said that Torontians were pretty cold, which was not my experience. But I also know an American who moved to Ontario and basically said the same things about it that I mentioned above.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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