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Conference - Redefining HR For Small Business (Toronto)

Did you know that finding, retaining and developing quality talent, are the primary challenges for 39% of business owners?


80% of employee turnover in small business is due to bad hiring decisions?

And that…

The average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal a third of the individual’s first year of potential earnings?

During this session, you will learn:

•How to develop a recruitment strategy in order tp hire the right people

•How to define performance requirements for employees in order to screen the right people and ask the right questions

•How to hire the best "fit" for the job How to develop good interview questions in order to know the candidate better

•How to conduct background checks

•How to get a 'second opinion' on hiring the best 'fit' for the job

If you are a business owner and wants to save thousands of dollars by hiring the right fit. This session if for you!
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