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Democratic Exercise Monthly Walks - Pilot May 26 (Toronto)

Hi InterNations Toronto! Just wanted to spread the word about a really cool initiative that might appeal to this group. A few of my colleagues are launching a community project called, Democratic Exercise. The idea is to use exercise to power exchanges between strangers and create greater empathy & connection among people from different walks of walking & talking a mile in each other's shoes.

How does it work? People are paired together and given a map-guided 2 mile-long walking route and FREE COFFEE! The to-go cups wear a tag with a surprise question (submitted by people) on the back. On mile one, the person with the first coffee cup reads their question aloud then answers it. On mile two, the person with the other coffee cup reads their question aloud then answers it. For safety and security, the walks will always take place along major streets.

The first walk is taking place this Saturday, May 26th at 10am. Meeting point is the sidewalk at the front of Protected content Street W (you'll see a banner). If anyone is interested to join us (or get more details), please sign-up here so they know how much coffee to brew: Protected content .

Pls. note this is an entirely free, non-partisan, voluntarily-staffed community project and every body is welcome :)

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