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English Speaking: Are you afraid of it? (Toronto)

Hi! I'm Vivien, and I teach international adults how to speak English confidently.

I've met someone who just arrived Canada. Although he goes to a language school, he said that it doesn't help him much in speaking. So he goes online to watch videos, hoping to learn English speaking. But he's still really embarrassed to speak in English.

I totally get that. When I was younger, I lived in Hong Kong and I was really scared of English speaking. Chinese was my first language. I was afraid people would laugh at me because my English pronunciation. I kept watching English TV series and repeat them back to myself. But my English Speaking didn't improve much.

When I was in high school, I met an English teacher, and she encouraged me to join different English speaking competition. And she taught me how to speak more fluently. She gave me feedback and practised speaking English with me a lot. That's when I started improving. I started winning more and more English speaking Competitions. At university, I was fortunate enough to become the UK National Champion in KPMG Business Case Competition, which heavily relied on English Speaking skills.

And now, although I just arrived Canada, people keep thinking that I a Canadian because I spoke like a Native English Speaker!

The moral of the story is: If you're embarrassed of speaking English right now, you need to find practice with someone who was in your situation and later improved their English speaking dramatically. You can still improve. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, how embarrassed you feel, you can still improve.

Using my past 20 years of English speaking and my degree in Masters of Education (Dean's List), I am now an English tutor for international adults. The lessons are fun, and you will also show visible improvements after 1 lesson - because I know the secrets to improve English speaking quickly.

If you wants to learn more, go to this website: Protected content

*Please tell your friends if they have trouble speaking English. No one deserves to suffer from it, and get embarrassed by it. With good English speaking skills, they can also get hired for better positions in Canada as well.*

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