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Helpful Hints - For New Immigrants (Toronto)


Helpful Hints

-Most of the New Immigrants that move to Canada has had good jobs or are highly qualified in our skilled trade. If you have move here with the expectation that you will secure the same position and salaries you might be into big surprise.
- In Canada you get two types of Jobs , Full time and Contract. Most of us Indians think Contract job isn’t good and it doesn’t give you the Job Security we are all so used to back home in your home Country.
- Contract Jobs pays quiet well and Taxes are lesser than full time jobs.
- Be Prepared for Survival jobs if you do not have anything in hand, something are better than nothing at all. Be prepared to start from Scratch. No matter how highly qualified you are.
- Get your Graduation, Post Graduations certificates validated from WES,or someone similar. All employers ask or maximum would.
- Get your Driving license , Make sure you drive because most employers will ask you if you can drive or not.
- No need to buy a new Car, used can be useful too just make sure it is running condition.

Points to Consider:-

1) Get your Certificates vetted by World Education Services or WES ( Protected content ).

2) Start driving as soon as possible. First thing to do once you land here in Canada. As employers will ask you this question. If you are already driving in your country then consider getting an experience extract from your local Authorities a Sample template is present here ( Protected content ) this will make sure your wait period between G1 to G2 and even G will reduce.

3) People suggest don’t buy a new Car , buy an used car but also don’t get a very old car because in winters you will struggle.

4) If you are moving in winters, make sure you buy the right Winter Clothing’s send me message I will help one on one. People will suggest cheap stuff but these don’t last. Make an wise investment.

5) If you have landed already make sure to get Winter Tires for your Vehicle.

6) Back to points on Jobs.

7) Be prepared for a survival Job (Retail, Warehouse, Factory jobs) if you don’t get any jobs in your own skill fit. Because it will come. As every employer might ask you Canadian experience. Even retail job shows as an experience.

8) If you don’t do nothing waiting for the right job to land you might be waiting for a longer period.

9) In a Job interview, never say you are new to Canada. Employers don’t really care and it plays as a negative.

10) Make sure to customize resume to show relevant experience to the Industry you are applying for job to.

11) Make sure your resume talks achievement numbers rather than just English. E.g Like achieve 55% profitability because of initiative taken to improve sales number by xx number).

12) Make sure to keep the resume only two pages. Recruiters will not spend a lot of time on your resume as there are 100’s of resume to go through.

13) Specific words mentioned in the Job description plays a very important role. The software recruiter’s use will catch that word in your resume. So make sure to use them to your benefit.

14) Show only last 5 jobs in your resume, if you show more than that your resume will go beyond 2 pages.

15) Reference Section: - Just mention available on request.

16) The Mantra of getting a job in your own field is search out people in that area and Socialize with them , you never know who might help.

17) References play a big role in getting a job , so build personal and professional network.

18) Attend Events and Festivals you will always make a friend or two.

19) Lastly Welcome to Canada if you are willing to put in the effort you are surely going to Succeed.

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