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International business generalist (Toronto)

• Over 6 years of experience in B2C & B2B operations
• Strong background in customer relations, hospitality and sales
• Proven skills in intercultural communication and problem solving
• Demonstrated ability to multitask and prioritize
• Assisted in the planning and restructuring of two companies
• Professional communication skills include fluency in English, German and Spanish
• MBA International Strategic Management
• Open work permit for Canada

My roots are from Germany; however, I lived in Spain, on a cruise ship, Switzerland, Ireland, China and now in Mississauga, ON Canada.

As a trained Hotel Industry Expert, who worked at a hotel as Sales Assistant (B2B) as well as on a cruise ship as Guest Host (B2C) and in the European customer service centre for Hertz in Ireland, I value a multinational work environment and an individual approach to different types of customers and markets. To deliver within the agreed time is a matter of course for me. I am eager to upskill myself continuously, and I enjoy enhancing my knowledge about specific industries and preparing for new projects.

My professional career in companies of varying size provided me with the capability to work independently and flexible in a wide range of industries and operations within an organisation. When my wife was sent to work in Mississauga, I received an open work permit, and now I am looking for a challenging and rewarding role that includes intercultural exchange, management, operations, administration or business development.

I am convinced that my management skills, together with my international experience and knowledge of various industries, will make me a valuable asset within any international or Canadian company.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss in greater depth.

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