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Legal help with ailing parent/family/friend (Toronto)

Hi All, since my family and I started to travel and live abroad, I became aware of a dire situation many of us find ourselves in: a parent, family member or friend in South Africa falls so ill, for example with Alzheimer’s, that that person cannot make proper decisions about his/her day-to-day business, personal care and financial matters!
I am referring to a person who is psychologically or mentally ill, or who is suffering from a severe or profound intellectual disability (whatever the cause may be) – NOT a physical disability.
Contact me as the Mental Health Care Act provides for a simple, inexpensive, quick and supportive option through the Master’s office for the appointment of an administrator. The Act requires an investigation and report by a lawyer and is capped at R Protected content . You no longer have to take the expensive route in approaching the High Court to appoint a curator (ad bonis and/or ad persona and/or ad litem).
Contact me for more information: Protected content
Advocate Elizabeth (Elsabe) Steenhuisen - social responsibility advocate since Protected content
BA LLB LLM (UJ); Certificate of Qualification (Canada)

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