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Live in Canada as PR and work in the US (Toronto)

Hi all!
We are looking at living in Canada as PR and working for a US company. We would be working from our house in Canada, so not crossing the border daily. I was told originally that this is possible with a special piece of paper, something like a treaty between the US and Canada but have now been given to believe that this is only possible for citizens. Since it takes a few years to apply for citizenship, I am wondering if any of you out there know where to go to find the current rules and regulations.

Basically. we want to live in Canada and both work there. However, since at this time one of us is employed (on the payroll) in the US, we want to stick with that as it has extensive financial advantages. Although the company wants us to keep working for them, the only alternative to being on their payroll and work & live in the US is to work as a contractor for them. This means we would be our own company in Canada.

Does anybody has useful links and/or experience that can help us?

Any input is most appreciated!


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