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Look for telecom opps or change carreer..? (Toronto)

Dear Members,

I am seeking advises here as I need to make serious decisions about my carreer soon. I have arrived to Toronto in December. I am an open work permit holder through my wife. In Hungary I was a telecommunication expert: as a SIM card and terminal product manager I was responsible for handset portfolio selecting, planning, forecasting, plus I had overall responsibility for every SIM card related issues at Vodafone. I had more than 13 years of telco experience, excellent references and a Master's Degree, if this makes sense at all here...

I have started to look for opportunities on my very first day in Canada and I sent my resume to several offers. I found positions from managerial level to retail sales - finally I had only one job interview until now for a retail sales associate position, without success. The shop manager said that I am overqualified and I should sign up for a job to the headquarter - OK, but from the HQ they do not even answer to me.

I have already tried to send messages on LinkedIn for HR people, they have checked my profile, and write back something like: please check open positions on our webpage and sign up there. I assume that the lack of Canadian work experience can be the problem, but honestly, although I have signed up for volunterial work, I think that in a fast changing technology enviroment, my knowledge will not be up-to-date by the time I could find a job. In the meantime I am also attending on special courses also (language, etc.), but I would prefer work...

Thanks to my wife, I do not have to search a surviving job now, but I am a man, and I do not want to sit at home. So dear members, what do you think? Should I change my carreer and start something new, or chase my dreams and still believe that one day the Canadian telecom market will consider me an expert? I am ready to change, I just want to know what would be better: follow the old way, or search for the new.

Waiting for your kind comments, all of your suggestions are appreciated. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to see my whole background: Protected content

Have a nice day to all of you!


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