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Looking for a Job Opportunity (Toronto)


I was born in Toronto, Canada (and therefore I have Canadian citizenship) and I've been living in Portugal for the past 32 year (I left Canada when I was 5 years old) and for quite some time that I have the desire to return to Canada and now I'm really determined to return to Canada to live and work.
In order to return to Canada I need to secure a job first and therefore I've been applying for many job positions online but so far I've been unsuccessful and the main reason according to the few employers/recruiters that reply me back is that I'm not currently living in Canada (and they prefer someone who's already living in Canada or in area of residence).
So I've been advised to return to Canada and settle in first and then look for a job after but the problem is that I don't have enough savings to stay for a period of time which could take up months. I do however have enough savings to move back to Canada and settle in once I have a job previously secured.

So I'm asking here for help in order to find me a job, with preference in my area of expertise or at least looking for some advise in order to be more effective in finding myself a job in Canada and/or moving back to Canada. I would also like to ask is if there's any entity that could possibly help people in similar situations as I am?

By the way, my area of expertise is computer engineering since (I have a Bachelor degree), I've been working for more than 10 years as a Vocational education and training teacher (Computer Science). While working in this position I also performed Administrative tasks so I not only have experience in IT/Computer Science but also as an Administrative Officer.
I'm fluent in English and Portuguese languages and I also have some basic knowledge in Spanish and French.
I'm willing to work in almost any part of Canada, albeit having a preference for Toronto area.

If anyone can help me, please reply here in the forum or feel free to contact me thru my E-mail:
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For more information regarding my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile (English version):
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Thanks in advance for any replies.

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