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Looking to emigrate to Toronto from Dublin - jobs


Hello everyone. I am currently living in Dublin and planning to move to Toronto. I am just waiting for my foreign credentials assessment (should have it within the next 2 weeks) and will then apply for Express Entry. Ideally I want to secure a job asap before moving. I am active on various platforms, but not a lot of success so far yet.

If anyone has any tips (besides LinkedIn etc), works in a firm that hires and would consider me or can connect me with a firm that would consider me, would be much appreciated.

I have 3 years of experience in a range of fields including Marketing, business development and consulting. My preferences are in Tech and Finance.

A bit about myself: Master of Science in International Management, native in German, fluent and idiomatic in English and Italian, basic Spanish and very basic French.

I am very serious about moving for personal and professional reasons and not just looking to jump from job to job.

Any help is very much appreciated.

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