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marco from verona italy for a job opportunity (Toronto)

Good evening!!

It’s a pleasure to know you.
I am Marco,from Verona,Italy and i have joined in this forum since today.
I work for an italian bank since Protected content have 31 year’s old but i am a little depressed because of my job.
I realized that is not my world working for italian bank in italy because here is all linked to the money in a italian system that i hate.
I love correctly,sincerity,the right ways to live and work linked to my thinking and feeling like a fish out of water here in this society.

Could you tell me if in Canada is like that?i am thinking to move in Canada but i have read all the burocracy,and also that some studies out of Canada are not considered.
I studied for accountant,RAGIONIERE with vote 100/100 in very serious school,i have a good job good payed but i am going in a bad way because all you heard outside about italy is true,here is all careered friends and friends of friends,the old system using in italy,also in Verona,that is in the north so already different from the rest of nation.

Sorry for my english that i have to refresh(i was a good speaker ten years ago..) but if you have some ideas or helping conseils to give me i will be very grateful.

Thank’s a lot.
Have a good day.

I love the experience of people that live in Canada,some of my kin are living in Toronto,and some of them have come back in italy to live last days in their native nation and all of them told me about the cold of the winter ok…. but also the right way in rules and the way of living in Canada.

I like to work,and also i like the organisation,so as a bank,as a firm,as a little activity i like working thinking also to my wife,since last december Protected content i want to give a future in a serious nation to childs that i will have in future.

Thank you so much for helping me in evaluating any solution.


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