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MBA, Web Developer & Marketing Consultant - Tips? (Toronto)

I have two very long-winded questions!

I just returned to Canada a couple months ago, after completing my MBA at one of the top 20 business schools in the US. My MBA specialties were marketing, entrepreneurship and consulting. I also have a tech background - a B.Sc. in Computer Science from a Canadian university and years of experience in the tech industry in tech roles in Canada. Some of the things I can do are:

- digital marketing (strategy, social media, email marketing, SEO, analytics, etc)
- programming & web development
- content development (content marketing, communications/PR and technical writing)

Anyways, I don't really have a network in Canada so I've been working on building one. It's especially important that I DO build a network since I am now looking to continue freelancing / consulting work here to help individuals gain a digital presence or help a startup/small/midsize company to establish and/or grow its presence.

Why the focus on freelancing/consulting? Well, so far, I've found that there are marketing jobs in TO. But, in my experience, unless you have 5+ years of experience, companies seem to offer me the same (low) salary I was earning FOUR YEARS AGO as an entry-level web developer at a startup. And the ones that ask for 5+ years of experience don't pay much more. I know that the US and Canadian markets are quite different, especially for MBAs. But I still have to wonder, are my expectations too high?

Thankfully, with a lot of work and no small amount of luck, I just secured a good client. However, I should be able to take on more clients soon. Since I have no network in Canada, I have been cold contacting people to get leads and attending a few networking events. But it's slow going sometimes. So, my other question is, do you have any tips for getting web development and marketing consulting or freelance jobs here in Toronto?

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