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*** Do We have a new ambassador yet ? ? There is still no news from Milena or INternations team after the May 9 event, if there will be another event replacing Milena's event ?? Why IN team cannot remove the unresponsive ambassador and replace it with new one so not to keep Toronto IN community hostage. Do not make a joke of IN community and keep them guessing. Even for Albatross members who are paying the extra fee to attend more events and not to waste their money. Either the new ambassador or existing ones should replace Milena's event by next week. ***

This is really disappointing that Milena's event is missing this month. We as general members are not advised either by her or your department and keep us posted. Is that the approach or policy of Internations HQ towards the community ?? There are 3 ambassadors, if 1 is unavailable then the other 2 could have organized for May 2, Protected content . Everybody anticipates and arrange their schedules accordingly. You charge us $ 20.00 for each event for what ? We can easily go other places rather than deal with the pathetic attitudes of ambassadors or HQ.
We deserve better.

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