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Moving to Toronto-introduktion etc.


Hello everyone! :)

(first off all, sorry for my English, hope you guys understand me anyway) :)

I´m a 24 years old female living in Denmark (by the moment) together with my fiancé and our 3 kids (just turned 3, 5 and 7 years old) <3

We live in our own house, he works and I am studding.

We have this BIG dream of coming to Canada (Toronto, Scarborough) as fast as possible :)

I would love to find other people in that area to talk to, get to know, mabey some with kids would be great :)

Before we move, and before we send our application about immigration, we have to find job in Canada, in the area we want to live, somewhere in the Toronto area.

We have send out some job applications, 15 or something untill now,, but I think it would be hard to find a job in Canada, when you are still living in Denmark. But it is not possible to get acceptet our immigration if we are not having a job ready in Canada when we arrives, what I can read on the internet.?

What have you guyes done to find a job, before immigratigrating?

My partner is working as moving man, trucker, scaffolder .

Im studding to be a socialworker, but unfortunately there are years before im finished, and we want to move before me finishing. Can´t waite that many years to follow our dream, our kids have to be young to learn the langage, be integrated and grow up in the country, we think.

So if any of you have some advice for us about getting job etc. I would be very happy to hear about it:)

This was a small introduktion about me and my family, pleace ask if you are curious about something, want to talk in PM and get to know eachother a Little more :) <3

Big hug

Christina / DK

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