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Need advice about Canada (Toronto)

Good day everyone,

Recently, I started reading everything about Canada in order to get as much information as possible. However, it is always not the same if you ask someone who live there from ages and know more about the culture, mentality and the way the country is developing.

Honestly saying, for many years I have been thinking where to settle permanently. I was considering some asian countries, then mainly caribbean and even south america (I have made huge research about the countries policies, taxation etc.) but still can not find the right direction.

So, let's say that my questions can be also some kind of answers for what I am looking for. If you can share some ideas and your point of view I will really appreciate it as every information is always valuable, more or less, but it is. Also, it may help others to know more about Canada and help to take decision before taking decision to move there.

1. How is the situation in Canada right now when it comes to immigration for skilled foreigners? I remember Protected content ago it was quite easy to move to Canada but nowadays it looks that it is not or am I wrong?

2. What are the prospects for runing own business in Canada?
Is there so much bureaucracy or is it country which tends to simplificate law?
What is the mentality of government and in which direction it goes from your point of view?
I.e., I want to open ltd company, how much time it will take to go through whole process?

3. Are health insurance contributions / pension schemes mandatory when employed or runing own business?
I.e.: I want to use private health care services instead of government health care / pension programme. Is it compulsory or I can arrange everything by myself? Especially, this question is related to pension. When it comes to health care - what are the pros and cons of private / government programme in Canada?

4. What about taxation system in Canada? In the web I can find information that Canada taxation system is pretty expanded.
What are income taxation rates for skilled employees?
Are there any tax breaks for self-employed entrepreneurs?

5. What about EU driving licenses? Are they honoured in Canada? Is the railway well developed?

6. Coming back partly to the question number 2: is the law in Canada very extensive or is it relatively simple?
Generally speaking, is the country going in the direction where for each agreement you have to use lawyer, or is it country where you can get things done easily without being exposed to huge risk and you do not have to hire penpusher for each simple matter?

7. What about the oil & gas / offshore industry in Canada? Is there need for hiring skilled professionals at the moment?

8. What about the education system in Canada? Are postgraduate studies cheap or expensive in relation to salaries if you consider to study @ well known university?

9. So finally, is it easy to settle in Canada currently?
How much time it may take to arrange everything and what can be the easiest way to settle?
Today I have got sponsored article @ FaceBook that Brunswick government is looking for some skilled professionals. Unfortunately, as I predicted... There were only jobs which don't need any "rocket science" qualifications and they concerned low-rank positions. What about skilled professionals with BSc or PhD and good / rich experience?

To sum up, I am not so psyched to move to Canada because I have heard something somewhere. I am trying to know more so I can choose the right direction. Especially, that many times in the web I have found some information about Canada which effectively scare me away from thinking about any relocation there.

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