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Opportunity for Tony Robbins fans (Toronto)

Hi Torontonions,

Since I have to leave this beautiful city this Monday, I have 2 of Tony Robbins best packages as a last minute offer:

-The new Money Masters
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is an excellent program which I really enjoyed listening the CDs and watching the DVDs. I've bought the full set of 12 experts with at least an DVD and CD each. Right now, he is selling only a monthly subscription of this set (so one expert per month a 67$, which is 804$ in total). But it seems that in this monthly package is a small booklet with the key take aways included, which I don't have. So I'd be willing to sell the whole package for 250$

-The Time of Your Life:
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This is THE most powerful time/self management program available and I think by far superior to the David Allen & Co Getting things done methods! I'm way more productive since I switched from my lists to his RPM philosophy. He's selling it for 299$.
I'd sell it for 140$.

-And if you are interested in Printers, PS3 etc (lots of stuff we bought in the 1 year): let me know ;)

Best wishes and see you tonight in the Vodka Bar,

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