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I highly recommend signing up for an embodied English class!

It is a Drama/ESL Course for Advanced Language Learners and helps
you improve your English by learning rhythm, gesture, and colloquialisms.
And it is both fun and a very effective way of improving your oral communication!

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In this six to eight weeks of conversation classes adult ESL learners move faster towards the native speaker ‘ideal’ in oral communication.

These classes are highly rated by former students, and are a great and fun
way to improve your English!

Through the use of various acting techniques, notably the famous Stanislavski System and Michael Chekhov's approach, the course will allow the participants to improve their spoken English and to make better choices in vocabulary, intonation and non-verbal language – similar to the choices native speakers make while conversing in English. More importantly, the course will help ELLs to learn to multi-process and multi-task in English as well as to improve the level of spontaneity required for any natural conversation in the English language.

Most advanced English language learners (ELLs) note that their English often lacks something intangible that only native speakers can detect. The secret often lies in the fact that most ELLs have not been taught a full spectrum of communicative means in the English language, i.e., the means that allow for a conversation to be effective and sound “natural/authentic” to an English speaker. While research points out that it is extremely difficult for adult learners of English to achieve native speaker proficiency in their second language, it is feasible to significantly improve their pragmatic performance by using the methods of teaching that allow for a complex interplay between linguistic and paralinguistic signs (in simpler terms: verbal and non-verbal language).

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