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Student looking to live in Canada in the future. (Toronto)

So, pretty much my drive to move up to Canada stems from my family. Full of immigrants.. my parents are both from Peru and they both migrated up to the US, my godmother migrated to Spain and my uncle bounces all over South America.

Currently, I am an art student aiming for my BA. I plan on continuing to get my MFA, however, I am considering in going to OCAD in Toronto to do that, either that or finishing my BA there in general. It has always been a dream of mine as a kid to live in Canada. So I figured that perhaps going to school for my MFA would help me along with deciding whether or not Canada would be my future destination.

However, my obstacles for that is naturally.. the money to start off school there and finding a job to maintain myself. From all the people I've asked for advice I've always gotten mixed responses. I do have a job where I currently am, and can make a decent bit to get myself started no problem. My only concern is what happens after I get there..? Especially jobs.. I just have experience in a customer service type job for almost four years, I speak English, Spanish and some French.. the benefits of working in an airport.

I'm just posting this for any advice, information, tips, feedback... anything really, both good and bad. :3 Just anything constructive that would help me a decent bit.

Thanks. <3

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