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"Take home" salary for a job in a private company (Toronto)

Hi, I am a new member of this forum. I read many threads which are mostly interesting. I have a very personal question related to "take-home" salary. If it hurts anybody, apology. I work in a big IT private company in project management area and am trying for a transfer to Canada for settlement by Oct this year. I have Canadian PR which will expire by end of next year. So, it is now or never. I noticed that for gross salary CAD$55,000, the take home salary is CAD$ 30,000 which seems to be very less. Deduction is very high. Is it true? How much will be "take home" salary for gross salary of, say, CAD$ 80,000 or CAD$ 110,000? What are the deductions and how much %? Any idea will help me to take the decision for the move from London, UK to Canada (say, Toronto or GTA). Can you please help? I appeciate any input.

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